Chemical Milling

Our high volume chemical milling line features oscillating spray bars, an automatic etch chemistry control unit and a six chamber etch unit for increased production capacity.

High Precision Chemical Milling Process

Chemical milling is a high precision process used to produce complex parts and components out of sheet metal. In the chemical milling process the artwork is applied on both sides of the material and is etched from both sides to cut all the way through the material.

Chemical milling is a versatile manufacturing technique that retains hardness, temper, magnetic permeability, and other qualities without causing excessive stress on the material. Tooling costs are very low and design changes can easily be incorporated.

As an alternative to “conventional” methods, such as laser, water jet, stamping of wire EDM, chemical milling provides an accurate and economical solution for many precision metal applications.

Chemical milling has many benefits over hard tooling production processes such as stamping and die cutting. It offers greater design flexibility and much lower set up costs. The etching process causes no mechanical distress to the material leaving parts burr and stress free with no changes to the material grain structure or magnetic properties.

There is no costly tool wear as is associated with mechanical engraving methods or heat distortion as associated with laser engraving or cutting. Chemical etching is suitable for almost all types of metal and is capable of processing extremely thin material that can prove difficult to work with using other methods.

For signage and industrial label applications, chemical etching produce products unmatched in durability and offers a huge range of design possibilities.

  • Repeatability for high volume production.
  • Low tooling costs and greater design flexibility over hard tooling methods.
  • Burr-free and stress free parts.
  • Physical properties and material grain structure remains unaffected.
  • Tight tolerances capable of producing components with complex geometries.
  • Unmatched durability for signage and industrial labels

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